Spintax for Backlinks - What Is It and Should I Use It?

April 8, 2017

What Is Spintax?

Do you know what spintax is?

Well some argue that it can be a pretty awesome way to get more traffic from backlinks.

Let's start with your objective. You always want more quality content out there for Google and other search engines to index. So, you need to write that content in order to submit it to as many blog networks, websites, article directories, etc. as possible. No matter where the content you create goes (hopefully to lots of sites that search engines favor), you're better off in theory from a SEO point of view if your content is varied. That is to say, you're better off if there are lots of different articles on websites linking back to you. That's where spintax comes in.

Spintax is sytax for spinning your content into slightly different content. Take the sentence below:

Hello, Mrs. Jones.

If you wanted to create variations of that sentence, you might formulate spintax that looks something like this:

{Hello|Greetings|Hi}, {Mr.|Mrs.|Ms.} {Jones|Smith|Bryant}.

Passed through a simple spintax converter a few times, you could end up with the following results:

Hello, Mrs. Jones!

Hi, Mr. Bryant!

Greetings, Mrs. Smith!

Of course there are lots of other possible combinations as well. And we're just talking about one simple sentence here. Add spintax to many sentences in an article, and those variations begin to add up. Since the whole idea of spintax is to get traffic by including a backlink in your content, you can even spin the anchor tag's title and text.

<a href="https://www.your-site.com" title="{title1|title2}">{text1|text2}</a>

We have created a free spintax tool that you can try out here:


Should you Use It?

Is spintax effective for SEO? Many experts would argue that you should avoid it entirely. Unless you are very careful and choose your spintax wisely, you can end up with unreadable, spammy articles. There are no shortcuts to creating effective spintax. Global replaces of words with spintax may be tempting, but it can easily lead to content that doesn't make sense. It goes without saying that you should never attempt to spin somebody else's content- that's copyright infringement. One of the biggest SEO arguments against spintax: Google does not appear to penalize duplicated content per se.

With all of that said, it's possible that spintax could be useful in getting more content (with backlinks) indexed, as long as it is applied with care. While search engines may not penalize duplicated content, decisions do have to be made about which version(s) of the content to index and where to assign authority. In theory, if content is different enough, multiple articles could get indexed.

The bottom line: We recommend writing unique, high quality articles the old-fashioned way and trying to get them placed on the best sites possible without trying to trick the system.


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